The history of our ice cream can be traced back to the old, prewar days, when my family lived still in Buczacz in the Eastern borderlands.
It is where my grandfather, Grzegorz Grycan, together with my father, Józef, made and sold their first ice cream. In 1946, under the repatriation programme, the family moved to Wrocław.

In this city, which was still recovering from the damages of the war, Józef and Weronika Grycan, my parents, settled in a tenement house at Grunwald Square. It is where our first ice cream parlour was opened in the postwar Poland. Its signboard said "Ice cream Little Bear – Weronika Grycan".

I can still remember those ice creams flavours... cacao, vanilla, coffee, and in the summer: wild strawberry, garden strawberry, lemon. We also offered "Penguin ice cream", probably the first ice cream sold on a stick in Poland. Every year from May on street vendors used to sell them from push carts or wooden boxes lined with fine wood shavings.

In order to maintain the family tradition, I started to learn the trade. I completed an apprenticeship at the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw, renowned for its confectionary workshop. It is where I met my future wife, Elbieta, daughter of my master. Raised, as I was, in confectioners’ family, she has been my companion for over 30 years now, supporting me in all my personal and professional undertakings.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that we would build together a widelyknown ice cream brand. That came true in 1980 when I took over an ice cream parlour at Puławska Street and the history of "Zielona Budka" began. In 2004 a new and most important period of our lives began. We introduced "Grycan" – ice cream authored by us into the market. It is the work of our lives created by drawing on our experience and preserved "generationold" recipes. The ice cream to meet contemporary needs created by cherishing tradition passed, in both our families, from generation to generation.

We hope our ice cream brings you as much delight and happiness, as it has to our families over the years.